martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Charts from TNG


Andreas Dorau - Fred vom Jupiter
La Mode - El eterno femenino
The hidden cameras - I believe in the good of life
Sebastian Tellier - Divine
Happy Mondays - Step on (one louder mix)
The Primitives - Cars
Graduate - Elvis should play ska
Al Supersonic & The Teenagers - Paint yourself in the corner
Joa Bataan - Continental square dance
Pigbag - Papa's got a brand new pigbag
Lack of afro - The outsider
Jacques Dutronc - On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien
Billy Fury - What do you think you're doing of


The Human League- Mirror Man
Joe Ericsson - She’s alright
Giorgio Moroder - Knock me on my feet
Stock, Aitken & Waterman - ss paparazzi (the boys have a go back mix)
Distrito 5 - H.E.I.D.A.I.
Los Coyotes - 100 guitarras
Salón Dada - Te lo debo todo
Esclarecidos - Pánico en la convención
Bruno Lomas - Ven sin temor (How do you do)
Plastic Bertrand - Pogo pogo
The Members - Offshore banking busines
Animal Magnet - welcome to the monkey house
The Style Council - Promise land
D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega - Tom’s dinner
Mujeres / Eterno y normal

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